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10 Tips To Stay Healthy And Fit Easily

You get jealous of people who seem to always stay healthy and in shape with little to no effort. It’s true that there are factors such as genetics and a healthy lifestyle, but there are more factors that help these people stay slim. Tips to stay healthy…

Shining Stars has collected some health tips for you to stay healthy, fit and in shape, without going to the gym.

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Kindly Check out and see if you or your friends do any already!

Belly-slimming laugh

SmilingLaughing is the best medicine to stay healthy—not only will it lift your mood, but it’s an easy way to burn calories. Laughing through a mere 15-minute comedy film or stand-up comedy will burn up to 40 calories. Laughter also releases a feel-good hormone called serotonin which reduces appetite.That’s the best way to stay healthy.

Lose-the-belly dance

Belly DanceDancing can be a fun and a weight loss program. It doesn’t matter if you like slow dance or disco, jamming with friends can burn up to 600 calories. Doing a crazy dance might look odd to a passerby, but you’ll lose that belly faster than you can imagine! :O Even swaying at a concert for an hour will cancel out a tasty 230-calorie of French Fries.

Hot-and-heavy sex

Having Sex in Blanket

Sex is probably one of the best workouts you can do outside the gym. A 30-minute lasting intercourse will burn about 160 calories. A similar amount of foreplay will burn about 55 calories. How much time you burn calories with this method? Let us Tell in the Comments.

Pound-dropping shopping

ShoppingA solid hour of clothes shopping (Yes, Clothes Shopping, Girls Love it) can burn up to 180 calories. Grocery shopping for the same amount of time with all the heavy lifting will burn approximately 260 calories. Just make sure you don’t give into cravings while shopping! According to Dr. Holly Lofton, Director of Weight Management Program at NYU’s Langone Medical Center, “Snacking while shopping will be counter-effective”. That’s are easy health tips. Do Follow.

Stand-up work

StandingDid you know that doing your work while standing at a desk can burn about an extra 2 calories per minute, as opposed to sitting? According to Mira Rasmussen, an exercise physiologist at the Obesity Action Coalition an obesity advocacy group leads to a weight loss of 16 to 20 pounds a year. Similarly, pacing in the office for two hours a week will lead to a weight loss of about 10 pounds, as per Rasmussen’s estimation. Next time, Do your work while standing.

Singing at the top of your lungs

SingingIf you are shying away from singing your favorite tunes. You are missing out on a great weight loss exercise. Singing can burn around 136 calories. You also get bonus weight reduction points for dancing to your own tunes! :O

Cut-the-fat cooking

CookingCooking your meal at home actually helps you lose weight. It’s not only the healthy food but 30 minutes in the kitchen with all the chopping, stirring and moving around can burn up to 100 calories. Besides, home cooked meals taste amazing!

Shiver me thinner

Nobody likes the cold, but that sub zero temperature at your office is probably helping you from gaining weight. Your body burns a lot of calories trying to keep warm. A recent study found that people burned 438 more calories in a 60-degree room than those in an 81-degree room. You don’t have to be at a freezing temperature, just being in a chilly room will burn about 18 calories in an hour.

Lean sweep housework

House WorkGet off your butt and burn some calories by cleaning the house. On average, it burns about 110 calories for a man and 95 calories for a woman to do a half hour work of sweeping and vacuuming.

Brain-work burn

If you are really focusing on your work, you are actually burning an additional 1.5 calories per minute. The brain can suck up to 20% of your daily total calories. Do some mental work like a crossword puzzle or solve a Rubik’s cube to amp up your brain usage. That’s why intelligent people are smart and fit.

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So, Stay healthy with these tips. If You Find it Useful, Kindly Share it with your friends…

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