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Fun Facts About Emirates A380 Airbus (World’s Shortest Flight)

Get ready for some fun facts on the world’s shortest Emirates A380 flight, The Flight is between Dubai and Muscat. Let’s talk about Emirates A380 facts Below:

Wiring in Emirates A380 Airbus

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The wiring on an emirates A380 is 500 KM and the distance between Dubai and Muscat is 340 KM. which means the wiring in emirates A380 airbus is longer than the distance between both cities.

Average Flight Time of Emirates A380

The average flight time of emirates A380 is 40 minutes. And the total time taken to clean emirates A380 is 35 minutes by a team of 42 people. Average flight time is only 5 minutes more than the time taken to clean an emirates A380.

Catering Items in Emirates A380

You’ll be shocked to know that how much a 40 minutes flight carries catering items. Yes emirates A380 air bus carries over 25000 items of catering flying from Dubai to Muscat.

Ice Film in Emirates A380

You have to fly 3000 times between Dubai and Muscat on emirates A380 to watch the complete ice film catalogue. The most funniest fact for me.

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How much customers have travelled on Emirates A380?

Emirates has flown over 4.7 million customers between Dubai and Muscat since 1993. That’s the capacity of over 9000 emirates A380. Over 128 million customers have travelled on emirates A380 since 2008. That’s 9 times more than the populations of Oman and UAE combined.

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Hope you enjoyed the facts about emirates A380 Airbus. Let us know your opinions about this in the comment box below.

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